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The Aluma

Meet the Aluma;

In general;

The Aluma is an approx 62ft long expedition sailing vessel. In the start of 2004 she was build in the North-West of the Netherlands by a company called "De Sluis Jachtbouw". Her brand name is the 'Pooh' and she is originally build as a transatlantic vessel. In 2016 there was a complete refit to make her ready for charter in the Caribbean. 



On deck you can find 2 liferafts, at the back of the boat you can find the dingy which can be used as a rescueboat. In every room you can find an escape hatch aswell as enouch automatic inflatable life jackets.


The Aluma has got a large saloon with the navigationtable, dining table, loungecorner and kitchen. 

The Aluma provides 4 bedrooms; 

Front starboard (righthand side) you can find 2 spacious single beds. 

Front port (lefthand side) is one spacious bed for 2 persons.

Back starboard (ridehand side) was originaly the "captains-room", this room is provided with a large 2 persons bed, enough cabinets and his own sink. 

If in need the saloon sofas can be converted into 2 single beds. 

Back portside (lefthand side) is the new "captains-room". 

In the separated front- and back area you can find enough space to store you're suitcases, divinggear, kitegear etc. 

The deck of the Aluma also provides space to sleep in hammocks under the stars.


Bathroom and toilet;

You can find 2 showers on the Aluma, (one in the bathroom and one on the backdeck). The toilet is located in the bathroom. 

Electric equipment;

The Aluma is provided with 'state of the art' equipment that provides safety and is in need for sailing handling. Below deck you can find a second system that can be used as a backup system. On the open sea you don't have any telephone of 4G signal, but in special situations the Alima is profided with a satellite phone. Under the tab "Follow" the people home can spot the Aluma 24-7 were she is and what her speed is. 


The Aluma has 2 masts, a mainsail, second mainsail and 3 types of front sails. If she is sailing under full sails, she can put around 200 square meter of sail. 


The Aluma has an mail engine that profides 100hp. The generator deliveres around 40hp. Next to the engines the electricity is won by an solar panel and an windgenerator (both located at the back deck).





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